Why It Is Important to Know Microsoft Excel

Posted on 03. Mar, 2012 by in Excel 2007, Excel Formulas, Excel Macros, Macros, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Visual Basic for Applications

Microsoft Excel is used in almost every industry in one way, shape, or form. It is definitely used more heavily in the finance and other business related fields than it is in others, but I have seen it used in many different ways in other industries as well.

Some Uses:

Some people use Excel like a database to simply store information, others use it for reports and to make it easy to share data people, some people use it for dashboard to share with executives, and if you’re really good you can automate most of your job doing it!

There are a ton of different uses for Excel. What do you use Excel for? Let me know!

So, Tell Me Why It Is IMPORTANT
No matter how you use Excel you are using it for data of one sort or another and you are trying to find out information about that data. I have seen people waste hours upon hours manually looking through data tables or trying to match up two columns from two different databases manually when it could be done with simple formulas in literally a few seconds…if only they know.

I have seen people who do the same simple tasks day in and day out wasting hours while they could be helping their clients or doing more important work. These tasks can all be automated using macros.

Knowing Excel, it’s formulas, and the VBA code that can automate it will give you an advantage over your co-workers, make you valuable to your company, and it’ll make your life easier. Doesn’t a few minutes of work sound a lot better than many hours of work?

Isn’t it hard to learn?

NO! and honestly most people know that there is more to Excel than they know, they just never take the time to learn it. I was not a programmer, but with some practice, research, and reverse-engineering I was able to learn how to code and then how to make macros, and then how to fully automate Excel. It does take time, but literally anyone of any age can learn Excel really well, and make their lives easier.

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